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I’m all about saving money and I’ll do it however I can. If I have to clip coupons, I’ll do it. If I have to go to Goodwill to buy some stuff on the cheap, then that’s a small price to pay (no pun intended).

Whether it be food, clothes, furniture, or online purchase, I love to come up with ways to get a great bargain or terrific deal. In this blog I’ll be sharing some of the methods I employ to save quite a few dollars on a daily basis.

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Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss

Diet and ExerciseA while back Dr. Oz came out in support of a natural product called Garcinia Cambogia, known to help people lose weight. But is the product any good? If you look on the web, it can be quite confusing trying to separate fact from fiction. So I went to WebMD to try to get to the bottom of things. According to the article I read, Garcinia Combogia does in fact lead to weight loss, but the results are not as dramatic as some would have you believe. It is by no means a miracle drug that will lead to weight loss.

But that doesn’t mean you should disregard it completely. With something as challenging as losing weight, every little bit helps. Moreover, Garcinia Cambogia is taken from a fruit in Indonesia, and as such, it is a natural product that is safe for most people. In fact, it has been used in cooking in Eastern nations for quite some time. It is a far cry from the many weight loss medications which have been shown to be quite harmful to people. So given that it is most likely harmless, can indeed help you with weight loss, and isnt’ all that expensive, I think it’s definitely worth trying if you have been having difficulty burning fat. For the best success, it would probably make sense to combine Garcinia Cambogia with a sensible diet and at least a modest amount of exercise. Even something like walking a couple blocks can help kick-start your weight loss journey.

Finding Garcinia Cambogia shouldn’t be difficult. Sometimes, you may find a health food store carrying it. A more sure-fire approach is to order off the internet. I like to look for high quality supplements that do not have additives or suspicious ingredients. You can check out http://weightlosshca.com for more information on this product.

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Is there an Eharmony free trial of any kind?

Is there an Eharmony free trial? I get this question quite a bit, and the answer is yes and no. eHarmony does not have a free trial in the traditional sense, meaning that you will not be able to use all the features of eHarmony after you sign up. However, by joining for free, you can still do quite a lot. What exactly can you do?

  1. eharmony matchmaking systemYou can take a personality test, which is quite comprehensive and gives you a pretty detailed personality profile that is surprisingly accurate. You should expect to spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes on the test, since it is very long. The test involves answering dozens of multiple choice questions.
  2. You can create a dating profile and upload pics of yourself. Even though you haven’t paid at this point, I recommend spending some time on this step and developing the best profile possible. Also, make sure you use attractive looking photos for your profile. Ask friends and family for feedback on your profile.
  3. You can start receiving matches, based on eHarmony’s unique algorithm that matches you with people you are most likely to be compatible with. You won’t get a ton of matches at the beginning, since eHarmony’s algorithm is rather picky. It is therefore important to be patient.
  4. You can communicate with your matches using guided communication. This is a step that allows you to send your matches preselected questions and receive answers.

Join eHarmony using this link.

There is no expiration for your free account, so you can keep receiving matches and using guided communication for as long as you like. Using a free account is a great way to test-drive eHarmony before spending money for a membership. When you do decide to sign up for a membership, make sure you choose a long term plan, since you will end up saving money on a monthly basis by doing this. Go to the following site for other great deals online.


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